Steine - So biegsam wie leichtes Papier

The natural stone veneers of LIXOS revolutionise the entire stone industry – but this is not the only one by far. For designers and architects, they suddenly open up new dimensions that seemed to be unattainable so far. And so the variety of possibilities for the designing of our day-to-day living space and of all objects and products that are contained in it is redefined.


Where would you use natural stone if the weight of stone suddenly did not matter any more?

Ranging from stone furniture in airplanes and vehicles, interior design for yachts and pianos made of stone, high-quality consumer product casings and packaging, the design of huge facades and floor areas, to customised product design for ultimate consumers and users – everything is conceivable, and above all feasible.


LIXOS natural stone veneer facts and data:

  • malleable in three-dimensions
  • original stone surface with a thickness of approx. 0.6 – 2 mm
  • variable basic support materials
  • surface varnished and finished by grinding
  • polished stone surface
  • very small radiuses possible without visual spoiling of visual effect
  • net stone weight per square metre: approx. 1.7 kg (in comparison, a 2-cm thick stone slab weighs 35 times this weight: 60 kg/m2)
  • compressive and tensile strength: 5 KN on a test square of 2.5 square cm.


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