GLASS STONE – makes stone transparent

Glasstein – Und der Stein wird durchsichtig

The beauty of translucent natural stone – a visual highlight in hotel lobbies, wellness and SPA facilities, restaurants, reception halls and in your own four walls. As a result of the ultra-thin stone layer, millions of years old, shining through, nature’s diversity and its unique designs shine in a special splendour.


LIXOS glass stone veneers facts and data:

  • depending on desired translucence and flexibility, 0.5 – 1.5 mm thick
  • available as semi-finished products set up on EVA or other thermoplastic/thermosetting materials
  • available as float glass (stone compound), where the stone can be positioned in front of as well as behind the glass.
  • available as stone compound TSG, ESG, VSG, where the stone can be laminated on behind, in front of or between the glass, depending on requirements and applications
  • different adhesive components possible


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