The lightness of stones


The LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers set new standards around the world. They open up new dimensions for designers, architects and stone-lovers and offer a previously undreamt-of variety when it comes to designing day-to-day living spaces and all the objects and products in them. LIXOS® has transformed the oldest raw material on Earth into an exclusive object for today’s contemporary design culture.

Where would you use natural stones if the weight of the stones no longer played a role and if they could be shaped as easily as paper?

Von Steinmöbel in Flug- und Fahrzeugen, dem Innenausbau in Yachten, Pianos, hochwertige Konsumgüterverkleidungen und -verpackungen, der Gestaltung von riesigen Fassaden und Bodenflächen, Glaswänden, Innen- und Außenwandverkleidung, bis zu individuellem Produktdesign für Endverbraucher – alles ist denkbar und möglich.